Initial Fitting

Proper fitting for a hearing aid is an essential part of a successful return to good hearing. Your audiologist is an expert in fitting hearing aids, and she will make sure your hearing aid sits comfortably in your ear. There is more to a hearing aid fitting than simply the proper fit, however.

A hearing aid fitting appointment includes the initial programming of your hearing aid to make sure the device settings are customized to your specific needs. The audiologist will determine if a hearing aid provides the right volume for your needs. She will customize and refine many other important settings.

Your audiologist will also teach you how to care for and clean your hearing aid. By the end of the fitting, you should be able to properly insert and adjust your hearing aid and feel confident changing your hearing aid’s batteries.

Remember, it takes time to become fully accustomed to your hearing aid. Getting your brain in sync with your improved amplification may take some time. Your audiologist may recommend follow up appointments after your initial fitting so that you can get the most out of your hearing aid.