Are you hearing an excessive amount of static? Is feedback or whistling a problem? In most cases, your audiologist can correct these issues right in the office by making a few simple adjustments to the hearing aid. In other cases, your hearing aid may need to be repaired.

Did you know that Bergen Audiology can service and repair most major models of hearing aids? As a licensed audiologist and hearing aid dispenser, Bergen Audiology offers a full range of hearing aid repair services.

  • Battery replacement
  • Precision internal and external hearing aid cleaning
  • Wax filter replacement
  • Device testing
  • Reprogramming
  • Battery compartment cleaning
  • Device fitting and adjustment
  • Internal tubing inspection and correction

If your hearing aid needs more sophisticated repairs, we have direct access to manufacturers and can get those repairs performed as quickly as possible.

Most audiologists recommend that a hearing aid should be professionally cleaned and inspected twice a year. This biannual checkup can extend the life of hearing aid and helps clients get the most out of their devices.

Your hearing aid should be functioning in tiptop shape at all times. Your hearing depends on it. If you think you device may be in need of repairs or if it is time for cleaning, contact Bergen Audiology today for an appointment.