Bergen Audiology strongly recommends high-quality batteries for every client with a hearing aid. A hearing aid is a sophisticated device that has been fitted and adjusted for optimal performance. To get the most of your investment, it is important to power that sophisticated device with a high-performance battery.

Hearing aid batteries come in five standard sizes. For convenience, they are color-coded by size.

Size 5 – Red
Size 10 – Yellow
Size 312 – Brown
Size 13 – Orange
Size 675 – Blue

Even high-quality batteries do not last forever and the most common ones cannot be recharged. You may need to replace your battery more frequently if you use your hearing aid for most of the day or if you have moderate to severe hearing loss and require higher-than-average volumes. Some devices require more energy to power them than others. Even things such as altitude, ambient temperature, and humidity can affect the life of your hearing aid battery.

Bergen Audiology has affordable, high-quality hearing aid batteries that fit all of the major brands. If you purchase hearing aids at Bergen, your initial set of batteries are included. Find out how you might be able to get more out of your hearing aid with high-quality batteries during your next audiologist appointment.